Original Kwik Strap



* Easy to Use, Fits in Pocket or Backpack

* Straps Quickly & Securely

*Strong UV Resistant Rubber

* Aggressive Pull Stroke Cutting

* Safety Locking Stainless Steel Blade





Buy Your Strap-N-Saw NOW!!!


The Strap-N-Saw can be yours for only $19.95 plus s/h.
Included will be a pair of Kwik-Straps, High quality Saw, and detailed instructions.
For ordering information please contact “The Footed Shaft”
or E-mail us at the link below.
Phone: 507-288-7581 (The Footed Shaft)
Fax: 507-288-3262 (The Footed Shaft)
E-mail: sales@kwik-strap.com